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We are a month into the Low Traffic Trial and I have summarised some of the things I have noticed: The LTN one month on. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Interesting Reading

Sometimes people say that supporting LTNs means disadvantaging the vulnerable. Dr Aldred, Ersilia Verlinghieri and the Possible team decided to find our for themselves: was it true? Here’s what they found:

Mapping the extent of London’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Exclusive: authors find ‘no clear social equity problem related to low-traffic neighbourhoods’ after studying slew of projects sparked by Covid restrictions

Low-traffic schemes benefit everyone, not just better-off, finds study

Low-traffic neighbourhoods have existed for decades but plans often spark fierce debate. We look at some of the biggest concerns

Mythbusters: eight common objections to LTNs – and why they are wrong

Three low-traffic neighbourhood schemes across the UK highlight the difficulties and benefits of curbing cars to encourage cycling and walking

‘I got it wrong. Since the changes it’s become more vibrant’: life in an LTN

Sarah J Berry took up cycling  after the streets around her home in Brixton were closed to through traffic. She blogs about being an enthusiastic new cyclist.

An article about how the road closures during the pandemic in Wandsworth had a positive impact for local businesses. You can read more about it here.

Further Reading around LTN’s:

The main website that details what is happening is the council website. You can read many many comments about the LTN, why it has been somewhat rushed through and feedback yourself to them.

Birmingham Emergency Transport Plan

This is a really good thread on Twitter that explains the reasoning behind LTN’s generally and gives some good examples and stats.

A guardian article (22/10/20) – A YouGov poll found positive views on LTNs are three times higher than negative ones, this article goes into detail.

Despite a loud opposing minority, low-traffic neighbourhoods are increasingly popular

Who benefits from a Low Traffic Neighbourhood